7 Courier Services In Malaysia That You Need To Know


In this day and age, courier services are more important than ever. Domestic and international shipping has already become a requirement in Malaysia, especially as online shopping becomes more popular and lockdowns remain in place due to the epidemic. More significantly, there is now a higher need for the finest express courier delivery services that deliver products the same day within a few hours.

With so many courier services to choose from in Malaysia, deciding which one is ideal for your eCommerce business is based on your needs and circumstances. Today, we are looking at the top 7 courier services in Malaysia.

1. Pos Laju:

Many people often get confused between Pos Malaysia and Pos Laju. To avoid any misunderstanding, you should be aware that they are both the same. Pos Malaysia is the parent company of Pos Laju. Pos Laju is the courier service with the most network coverage in Malaysia, with over 1,000 outlets and existence in 80 percent of the country’s populous areas. Certain parts of Malaysia may now get assured next-day delivery at low prices thanks to Pos Laju. It charges differently for documents and parcels.

Pos Laju provides both national and international delivery services, as well as eight different package options with varying costs and advantages. Pick-up service is included in all online or app reservations at no additional cost.

Pos Laju

2. Pgeon:

Pgeon Delivery is a new courier service in Malaysia that charges a flat cost of RM5 for deliveries. This is available all across KL, Selangor, and Penang. It’s is a new last-mile delivery service that allows consumers to pick up or drop off their packages at Pgeon Points. Senders can drop off packages at any one of their 3,000 partner locations. They can also have them picked up from the customer’s doorstep. Recipients, on the other hand, have the option of picking up their package at a Pgeon location or having it delivered to their door.


3. J&T Express:

J&T Express is a nationwide courier company with over 4500 personnel, 520 automobiles, and 15 gateways dedicated to providing clients with the finest convenience in Malaysia. As it is Shopee’s partner courier service, it is more popular among eCommerce businesses and customers. What’s nice about J&T Express is that you can place a “smart order” on their website and enter all of the necessary information for delivery. Unfortunately, you will still need to deliver your product to a drop-off location.

J&T Express

4. Ninja Van:

This courier service offers an excellent delivery service to all locations in Peninsular Malaysia. Ninja Van Malaysia’s Ninja Packs, a prepaid poly mailer that serves the demands of diverse shippers such as social media merchants, small companies, and enterprises, makes them unique from the competition. You may drop off your stuff at any of the 4000+ drop-off Ninja Points with ease. With the drop-off service, you can avoid the long lines, which is ideal for anybody who is on the go. Senders can send their packages to Peninsular Malaysia for a fixed price, with the exception of Sabah and Sarawak. Ninja Packs’ variable parcel drop-off/pick-up locations are also one of its selling features. The pricing of Ninja Packs starts at RM6.50.

Ninja Van

5. GDex:

For shipments around Malaysia, GDex does not charge a fixed price, although it is generally available in both east and west Malaysia. GD Express offers all basic courier services, including next-day delivery, same-day delivery, international express delivery, normal pick up, and cash on delivery. A brief check of the rate calculator shows that sending a 1kg package from Penang to KL costs about RM13. For a lower delivery fee, you can drop off your package at any of their locations. The delivery rate on GDex is roughly the same whether you’re delivering your item inside Peninsular Malaysia or to East Malaysia.


6. City- Link Express:

Citylink has been in the delivery business for almost 30 years. People mainly use it to transport documents or large things. Because of its (API) compatibility for eCommerce website development, this courier service is popular among Shopee customers as well as independent eCommerce platforms.

It also has a fare delivery charge. You can send a 1 kg document anywhere in Kuala Lumpur for only RM 6.15. Once the document or shipment weighs more than 3 kg, it increases. Before booking, you may utilize their rate calculator to receive a quick quote. According to their website, delivering 1 kg of a package from Penang to Selangor costs around RM 19.90.

City- Link Express

7. HantarGo Express:

The company was founded to help SME & E-entrepreneur to take advantage of technology to scale their business efficiently without any hassle. They help their users; the enterprise shippers, to connect & ship to their end customers anytime, anywhere. HantarGo provides various services at a reasonable price to its customers which includes. The services include standard domestic delivery, next-day domestic delivery, last-mile delivery, and storage management & fulfillment. In HantarGo they have more than 618 riders to deliver your parcel throughout east & west Malaysia and in Singapore.

HantarGo Express:


It’s always a good idea to keep your courier service choices open. If you’re trying to expand your eCommerce business and offer additional consumers. As a result, we recommend using a fulfillment service like Store & Send to make things easier. They keep things easy by serving as a one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce requirements. If you are still wondering and don’t know which one to start with, we would recommend trying HantarGo. In HantarGo you will get standard domestic delivery, next-day domestic delivery, last-mile delivery, and storage management & fulfillment all under one roof. So, what are you waiting for? Join HantarGo now!


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