Home-based business opportunities Malaysia 2021


If you’re thinking about starting a business, you could consider factors like commercial real estate rental, traveling to an office, and staff management. However, with the emergence of home businesses, more people are learning ways to leverage remote work to pursue entrepreneurship from the comfort of their own homes.

Home-based businesses exist in a number of shapes and sizes in today’s connected world, where technology allows us more freedom in how and where we operate our business. Some of them need you to turn extra space into a product warehouse, while others may be managed entirely online. However, you can usually start these sorts of businesses with the space and resources you already have. Check out our article Home-based business opportunities Malaysia 2021 to know more!

1. Sell Products via Facebook Live:

Malaysians can be very inventive. Using the Facebook Live Video recording, many sellers begin to sell or promote their items. To make things much more exciting, some merchants bring up an alarm clock and turn it into an auction event.

The Facebook Live video function allows businesses to engage with their consumers in a unique way. It’s probably not simple to put your face up in front of the camera when it’s live. It is, nevertheless, a highly efficient technique to acquire your consumers’ trust and confidence. People have always been curious about who is selling the product behind the scenes.

Sell Products via Facebook Live

2. Create Your Own Online Store:

At the second on our list of Home-based business opportunities, Malaysia 2021 comes eCommerce business. You should create an eCommerce store if you want to brand your own merchandise or business. It is not difficult to open an eCommerce business in Malaysia, and it is far less expensive than renting or operating a physical store. All you need to do now is get a unique domain name and hosting plan, hire a web design firm to assist you in setting up an online store, and integrate a secure payment method.

The availability of a trustworthy payment gateway, such as ipay88, MOLPay, or eGHL, is one of the most significant distinctions between selling on Facebook and having your own online shop. It’s not very professional to ask your customers to deposit money into your personal account every time they buy something from you. The presence of a payment channel will boost the buyer’s confidence. Additionally, some Credit Cards provide reward points or cash rebates from their banks, thus some individuals prefer to pay online using a Credit Card. This will greatly encourage people to use their credit cards more frequently.

Create Your Own Online Store

3. Dropshipping Business:

Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment in which a business does not retain stock of the items it sells. Instead, when a store sells an item, it buys it from a third party and ships it to the consumer immediately. As a result, the item is never seen or handled by the merchant.

The most significant distinction between dropshipping and traditional retail is that the selling merchant does not own or stock inventory. Instead, after receiving money, the merchant acquires inventory as needed from a third party.

Dropshipping Business

4.  Be a Website/Social Media Content Writer:

The discipline of content marketing is rapidly expanding. Opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded writers arise as a result of this expansion. Blog entries, social network postings, video and audio recordings, website pages, and more are all examples of web content. Because they are so busy with their own business, most business owners have a website that isn’t well-maintained. As a result, someone with strong content writing abilities may be useful in this situation.

Have you noticed that some of the biggest internet players, such as AirAsia and Domino’s Pizza, constantly update their Facebook pages? Customers will be kept updated on the newest specials and information thanks to the constantly updated material.

Be a Website/Social Media Content Writer

5. Be a Freelance Graphic Designer:

If you have artistic or design skills, this should be a piece of cake for you. Why not put your skills to use by selling graphic design services online, which may make you some money? Web design, logo design, and business card design are among the online options available.

While hundreds of firms in Malaysia are attempting to emerge and go online, this sector is likely to develop in the coming years. Many of them will begin looking for freelance or skilled designers to help them brand their products and businesses.

Be a Freelance Graphic Designer

6. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which an online merchant pays a fee to a third-party website for traffic or purchases produced via its referrals. Despite the fact that hundreds of items are offered online in Malaysia, there are few affiliate marketers. Simply build a blog and offer valuable information about a product or service to begin doing affiliate services.

Affiliate Marketing

7. Start a Print-On-Demand Business:

Have you ever wished to combine your artistic and entrepreneurial skills and abilities? You may have ignored the concept due to the high cost of starting a business. Fortunately, there is an internet business model called print on demand that makes it simple and inexpensive to transform your artistic abilities into dollars and cents.

Print on demand (POD) is an online business concept in which you collaborate with a supplier to offer personalized items like t-shirts, caps, mugs, calendars, and more. The print-on-demand industry is nothing to scoff at, especially in light of the recent expansion driven by the Coronavirus epidemic.

A print-on-demand business, like a dropshipping business, doesn’t require you to keep any inventory or deliver anything yourself. Print-on-demand also allows you to personalize white-label items with your own unique graphics.

Start a Print-On-Demand Business

8. Start Youtubing:

Yes, you heard it right; you can make money by watching videos on YouTube. This is, in reality, one of today’s most lucrative internet business possibilities. All you need is a good video camera and a topic on which to focus to create outstanding video content. You may make money by monetizing your videos as long as you don’t infringe any copyright laws.

Start Youtubing

9. Teach Online:

Making money teaching online is one of the most promising new job options. People who teach online courses not only have the flexibility to work from anywhere, but they may also earn a good living doing so.

You may share your expertise on things that fascinate and inspire you by teaching online classes. If you have significant abilities that you can offer to the world, whether you’re a musician, cook, personal trainer, nutritionist, or carpenter. Most importantly, people are ready to pay for the knowledge they possess.

Teach Online

10. Sell Homemade Products:

Consider turning your passion into a business if you’re a maker. Even if you have to make your items somewhere else—in a studio, a commercial kitchen, or a workshop—you might be able to keep and sell them from your own house. When you have absolute control over almost every aspect of the items you offer, you may reduce their cost, enhance their quality, or tailor them to a specific audience by analyzing market demand.

Selling your products is a fantastic way to share your passion with people while also making money, whether you start on a marketplace or create your own branded shop. Just be aware of rules that apply to goods that customers consume or apply to their skin.

Sell Homemade Products


There you have it, our take on Home-based business opportunities Malaysia 2021. We know that starting a career as an entrepreneur can be difficult and tough at times. There will be a bunch of issues that you’d have to deal with. Also, if you are planning to start a business where you have to send products via courier, it will add to another challenge of finding a good courier company. In that case, you can always trust on HantarGo express with all your parcel deliveries. Our customer care service is always there to help with your queries.

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