10 Best Free Apps For Small Business Owners


You’re probably often thinking about ways to enhance and streamline your day-to-day activities, whether you’ve just started your company or have been in operation for a few years. Fortunately, there are more tools than ever to assist company owners in this digital era, ranging from desktop accounting software to mobile small business management apps. While there’s nothing wrong with using a desktop computer for work, many entrepreneurs may benefit from more flexible small business applications that let them manage activities on the move, regardless of time or place.

All of the small business mobile apps listed here are mostly free if you use the basic version. They assist with a variety of activities such as payroll, project management, payment processing, marketing, customer management, mileage monitoring, and more. As you can see below, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best free apps for small business owners. Learn more about these tools and how to select the finest applications for your small company with this guide.

1. Wave:

On or list of 10 best free apps for small business owners, we have Wave. Wave has been providing small company owners with free online invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning software since 2010.

There are no startup costs, hidden fees, or monthly fees for its wide range of too-good-to-be-true capabilities, such as limitless revenue and expenditure monitoring, receipt recording even while offline, and the capacity to manage several companies in one account.

Wave is available as a web browser extension or as an iOS and Android app.

2. Fast Budget:

Fast Budget is an app that lets you manage your personal or family finances by offering a customizable Overview page. It allows you to see your money flow in real-time.

Its calendar keeps track of your earnings and expenditures on a daily basis, and its charts condense complex data for simple viewing. You can also program it to notify you when recurring transactions are expected.

Fast Budget is a free software that you can download on Android, iOS, and the web.

3. Niagawan:

Niagawan promotes itself as an accounting system for non-accountants, with functions such as invoice tracking, receipt tracking, credit note reporting, cash flow monitoring, and inventory tracking, to mention a few.

It’s also entirely free software, and it comes with a free tutorial to show you how to use it if you’re a new user.

Niagawan is a mobile and PC application that is available for Android and iOS.

4. Calendly:

We’ve all realized how tough it is to schedule a meeting with a coworker. Calendly comes in handy here, allowing you to plan meetings without the need for back-and-forth emails.

Calendly‘s free online appointment scheduling software is very user-friendly to set up, and you can share your Calendly links with others by email or embedding.

The Basic plan is free. Premium is US$8 and Pro one is US$12, and you can also get the app on iOS.

5. Jandi:

Jandi provides group chatting via channels, collaborative document sharing, and simple file and message searching.

If you’re acquainted with Slack, Jandi is supposed to be a cheaper option, with a US$5 price tag compared to Slack’s US$6.67, and a free version as well.

Jandi is accessible via the web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

6. Trello:

With only a click and a drag, you can quickly create new boards and partitions and move content around on Trello.

Trello is free to use, or you may pay for the Business Class (US$9.99) or Enterprise (US$20.83) plans. You can access it via the web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

7. Todoist:

Todoist works in a similar way to most of the other task management applications, but one feature that sets it apart is the ability to track progress and productivity metrics.

As you progress, you’ll earn Todoist Karma points, which will unlock the next eight levels. While it doesn’t appear to provide much more than a little gamification element, it may be motivating.

Todoist is accessible for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and web browser extensions, and it has a free edition, Premium (US$3), and Business (US$5) subscriptions fee.

8. Notion:

Notion is a powerful note-taking tool with the ability to enter over 30 different media formats as notes, build simpler folders inside folders for a subject breakdown, tasks and projects, and spreadsheets and databases.

In short, it combines the functionality of several different applications, such as Google Docs, Evernote, and even Trello, to mention a few.

You can get the free version of the app for general tasks. To access other facilities you can subscribe to their subscription plans- Personal US$4, Team US$8, and Enterprise US$20. It can be also accessed via the web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

9. Spark:

Entrepreneurs suggest Spark if you have a stream of emails every hour of the day and find it difficult to organize your inbox.

Spark provides users a collaborative emailing experience in addition to having certain emails automatically prioritized by its algorithm. Imagine Google Docs, but for email. Spark is available on Mac, iOS, and Android, and can be used for free, Premium (US$6.39), or Enterprise (quoted).

10. BlueMail:

BlueMail is another platform that allows you to organize your inbox by prioritizing certain emails, enabling a smart push alert system, and allowing you to send emails in groups.

It also includes an integrated calendar that syncs and updates your events on the go.

The Pro plan is US$5.99 if you want more than what the free version provides, and the Enterprise plan is based on a quote. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android.

Running a small business might feel more like a lifestyle than a job due to its unpredictable nature. The workplace is changing as mobile technology transforms our cell phones, which we prefer to think of as social tools, into a ball and chain of a business that makes it impossible to actually leave “the office.” We hope our list of 10 Best Free Apps For Small Business Owners will help you with your business as well.

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