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For merchants, the holiday shipping season is rapidly approaching. Though the season of giving and product shipping appears to be a long way off. It’s never too early to start preparing for the holidays. Now is the time to develop that yearly best practices list, since you may have already planned your strategy and received some incoming products and supplies. We have completed a list of best tips for holiday shipping for retailers to make sure your busy season passes smoothly.

1. Keep track of deadlines and rates:

On our list of best tips for holiday shipping, the first tip is to keep track of the deadlines and rates. If you want your delivery to arrive on time, regardless of which courier service you choose, understanding the right deadlines before the holidays is a requirement. Make a list of critical deadlines that you may refer to when calculating when each item has to be shipped. While this does not ensure that your item arrives on time, it does improve your chances.

It’s also crucial to be informed of the prices if you choose a same-day or expedited service. To avoid spending extra fees unnecessarily, be sure to prepare everything ahead of time.

Keep track of deadlines and rates

2. Make sure you pack it perfectly the first time:

To minimize any further delays when shipping larger or more delicate products, make sure you pack them properly straight away. Begin by double-checking the guidelines for the courier service you intend to use. They may have limits on what may be delivered, so do your homework ahead of time to avoid a hassle.

Choose a box that is strong enough to carry your things and is a few inches bigger on both sides than your present. To avoid the bottom of the box abruptly falling out, pick a newer box.

Make sure you have some quality packing supplies on hand as well. We recommend utilizing polyethylene or polyurethane cushioning materials that can endure a reasonable level of impact. You don’t want to overpack since it would raise your charges, but you also want to ensure that each item is adequately secured.

Newspapers should not be used for main protection since they flatten quickly, however they are ideal for separating two things within a box.

Make sure you pack it perfectly the first time

3. Stock up on supplies:

Many companies have a few top-selling goods that are consistently in high demand. Stock and pre-package them to save time when it comes to obtaining items that you know will sell. You can immediately put such products in the mail and send them on their way when customers start ordering them at higher rates. Examine prior quarters’ sales and inventory trends to assist you to select which products to create more of. When estimating how much to stock, keep in mind your budget, since you may need to alter your plans to meet seasonal discounts and free delivery.

Stock up on supplies

4. Explore Strategies for Shipping More Quickly:

Fulfillment should be included in more effective delivery plans. The sooner things are loaded onto trucks, the better. The key to doing this is to respond to orders more quickly. Set a target of getting orders out the door within 12 hours after receiving them.

Retailers should ideally examine the previous year’s fulfillment methods. Is there anything you could do better? Is there any inefficiency, and if so, are there any methods to fix them before the holidays? Even if you’re late to the game in this area, there are still things you can do to make progress. Minor changes to process efficiency can add up to improved outcomes. To drive quicker delivery this Christmas season, strike the proper balance between speedy fulfillment and maintaining high accuracy.

explore strategies-for-shipping-more-quickly-Best-Tips-for-Holiday-Shipping
Explore Strategies for Shipping More Quickly

5. Inform your customers:

When it comes to dealing with consumers, transparency is crucial. Explain to them how long their shipments will take to arrive and provide them with tracking numbers so they can watch their progress. Give them a list of your ship-by dates so they know when to order if they want their delivery for the holidays.

Customer service that is confusing and unhelpful might turn off potential consumers who would otherwise buy from a business. Always reach out to potential customers and offer them the information they need to make informed decisions. In HantarGo express, you can relay with your business. You won’t have to wait for a long time to get a reply from the customer service manager. You can just ask anything regarding your parcel and business via our Facebook messenger or Whatsapp and our customer service manager will get back to you right away.

Inform your customers

6. Offer discounts and goodies:

Consider new ways to provide discounts throughout the holidays. Many major companies do this because they can afford to lower their pricing in order to attract more clients. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, must carefully examine their alternatives. It’s wiser to pass on a bargain if it will cost you more money than it would save you. You may, however, be able to provide cheaper prices without damaging your bottom line.

Consider including free delivery by assessing your typical purchase value and making it available at a particular price point. You may also provide free or discounted delivery by deducting a portion of the cost from the item’s retail price.

Offer discounts and goodies

7. Create a simple return policy:

On our list of best tips for holiday shipping, the last tip is to create a simple return policy. You want every client to be happy, but returns are inevitable. Have a clear return policy that explains when and how customers may return products. You’ll also need to keep track of things on your end, such as making sure your return facility is ready to receive incoming goods.

Nobody likes to return a product and then have to wait weeks for a refund. Customers would like it if you include return shipping labels with each order and offer quick money refunds.

Create a simple return policy


It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas shipping, and being ahead of the game is the best way to prevent a hectic peak season. It’s important to have the professionals on your side in addition to our suggestions on planning, inventories, and simplifying your returns procedure. We hope our list of best tips for holiday shipping will help you out during the rush season. Don’t worry! HantarGo is here to help you out with your holiday shipping procedures. You can always trust on HantarGo express with all your parcel deliveries. Our customer care service is always there to help with your queries.

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